Grimey’s New & Preloved Music

Grimey’s New & Preloved Music appears on

East Nashville spots

Russell Boyer

Record shops

Leah Walker

Where to get records

Amy Novak

Record Shops

Matt Westmont

Record shops I frequent

Brianne Green

Record Shops

Jennifer Vaughn

Book Stores

Megan Kramer

Record stores

Myles Williams

Record stores

Trinity Daniels

Great record shops

Tatum Mase

Great book stores

Jaime Gonzalez

Cute bookstores

Emily Radish

Record stores

Troy Holingsworth

Cool record stores

Hallie Opal

Local record shops

Callie Brooks

Record shops

Stephanie Goodfellow

Record stores

Peter Allen

Record shops

Kaleigh Coopers

Record shops

Kyle Foster

Authentic music shops

Emily Rayan

Rad Record Stores

Mark Hockenberry

best bookstores

Allister Holstrom

Coolest Record Stores

Charlotte Gamble

Book Stores

Mark Laurie


Will Fletcher

Local Record Stores

Daniel Collins

For The Readers

Micalah Fine

Record Stores

Cameron Rippy

Where I get my music

Jake Sharpe

Vinyl Stores

Crystal Cecil

Top picks for April


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