An Ideal East Nashville Bar Catalogue

by Tucker Woodring | Sep 02, 2022

East Nashville is a wonderfully hip part of the city, offering an abundance of fun and interesting things to do. After a day of exploring the historical district, here's a few places to finish off the day.

Rosemary and Beauty Queen

Rosemary and Beauty Queen is a wonderfully quaint experience, residing in what appears to be a classic East Nashville home. At RBQ, it's not uncommon to grab a drink from one of the three bars and find a spot that best suites you can your group.

The Red Door Saloon

The Red Door Saloon is a laid back experience that does not hold incredibly large crowds. However, the atmosphere and decor is incredibly infatuating. Red Door is best fit for those looking to wind down after an involving day.

3 Crow Bar

Although a dive bar, 3 Crow is a more involving bar on this list. Included for those who like to be surrounded by noise and action, imagine a place where you'll likely end up playing darts. And, a great spot to pop in during the day.

Urban Cowboy Public House

The Urban Cowboy Public House is a bar known for it's fantastic atmosphere, pizza, and patio. Although there's indoor seating in the beautiful home which it resides in, the area it sprawls across makes for a fantastic place to gather with friends.


Attaboy, known for it's dimly lit and intimate atmosphere is a smaller bar on this list. However, the knowledgeable bartenders will provide you with exactly what you're looking for -- even if you're unsure what exactly is in your drink.


Chopper is a unique tiki bar experience, offering what you could expect when imagining a tiki bar, plus robots. The neon lighting, themed decor, and louder atmosphere creates a wonderful experience.

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