Unique Dinner Experiences in Nashville

by Shelby Elle | Sep 02, 2022

A list of the great experience/prix fixe dinners in Nashville. All of these choices have impeccable ambiance and exquisite dining. Each with their own unique flair.

House of Cards

Great entertainment, food and drinks. They have staff that comes and does card tricks at your table. It has a speak easy feel.


Very small so will need reservations, awesome hidden bar in the back and imaginative entrees. A must go to if you can get in! Pretty sure they have Prix Fixe options just have to get a reservation.

The Patterson House

This is a cocktail bar with really imaginative cocktails.

The Catbird Seat

This is a cultural experience, very exclusive and worth every penny. Believe they have Prix Fixe options with multiple courses.

Etch Restaurant

Eclectic restaurant with interpretative iterations of classic foods.


Great bar and restaurant.

The Mockingbird

Another fun choice with great desserts.

Rolf & Daughters

Good food, but small restaurant. Will need reservations.

The Continental

This one is pretty tough to get into as well, but is an experience!


Fine dining in a small renovated house with lots of charm.

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