Best Coffee Shops

by Shelby Elle | Feb 21, 2022

Some of my fav coffee shops in Nashville.

1. Steadfast Coffee

Awesome coffee shop in Germantown. Love the atmosphere and the staff has always been friendly. They are very inventive with how they make their coffee. I recommend the Matchless Coffee Soda!

2. Moonshot

Super cute coffee shop located right down town. It has a modern feel with colorful and creative coffees. They have a dairy free drink call the Dirty Teddy which has real teddy grahams in it. So fun!

3. Ugly Mugs

One of my favorite coffees in Nashville. It has a strong/dark flavor which I have always liked. You can also ask for your coffee to be served an ugly mug!

4. Onyx & Alabaster

The overall design aesthetic in this coffee shop is next level. It is attached to a design studio which makes sense why it is so tastefully done. Being creative I appreciate those small details. I had their Vegan Cuban which was delicious.

5. High Brow Coffee + Tea

Love this spot located just outside of the city. Their coffee is amazing and if you love pop tarts they make their own in house to enjoy with your morning Joe!

6. Crema Coffee Roasters

Originally this was one of the first good coffee shops in Nashville. It still holds its own even with the competition in the area. The vibe is modern and minimal. Great for working remote or meetings.

7. Coffee & Coconuts

I love the California/beachy feel they have at coffee and coconuts. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation in the middle of TN. Being from California it hits that healthy, happy vibe with great coffee and food. I love their Açaí bowl.

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