Alabama girl finds Nashville's hottest chicken!

by Rachel Griggs | Sep 02, 2022

Some people call Nashville 'music city', I would suggest it should really be called 'Hot Chicken City'! Hands down my favorite thing about living in Nashville is that we have the best hot chicken in the USA! Hope you enjoy my ranked list!

1. Prince’s Hot Chicken

They aren't the prince, they are the KING of hot chicken! This is the OG Nashville hot chicken spot that helped create the trend and put Nashville on the map.

2. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

A close second, and still apart of the OG crew of hot chicken in Nashville. The potato salad is dynamite! As well as the collard greens and mac & cheese. Hits the spot!

3. Rise Southern Biscuits & Righteous Chicken

Hot chicken isn't the same with out biscuits and this place delivers on both.

4. Monell’s At the Manor

If your in the mood for a cozy, home cooked meal, this is your place! Amazing chicken, sides and all housed in a gorgeous mansion.

5. Monell’s

The same home cooked feel, but in German town! I love this location because it is super walk able to other shops around the area. A great date

6. Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant

Pucketts is a Nashville staple and is a go to for home cooked southern food! They also have live music at most of their locations on the weekends.

7. Chicken Guy!

This guy is gonna give chick fila a run for their money with their hot chicken sandwich! Mark my words!

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