Juice bars I enjoy

by Kim Weber | Sep 02, 2022

Juices and healthy eateries! These are my without a doubt my favorite Nashville spots to enjoy some quality food that will have you feeling full and healthy.

Clean Juice

100% organic juices that will always have you feeling tip top! Not to mention, a wonderful menu featuring tons of healthy options; such as wraps and salads!

Grain and Berry

Grain and Berry is a healthy vegan option for really anyone! Renowned for their yogurt splits and avocado toast (you have to try both!) Grain and Berry will have you feeling like you made the right decision.

Frutta Bowls

Frutta redefines the super food genre. Although healthy, everything I have had from them is way too delicious. The acai bowls alone are enough to keep you coming back.

Urban Sips + Sweets

Hands down incredible juices, along with some wonderful candy and coffee options. Heavy emphasis on the "sips" in their title, everything they offer is absolutely wonderful.

Win Bubble Tea

Incredible and healthy tea options which are always fun to drink. One of the few bubble tea spots I have been two that allows you to choose toppings! I always go for anything within the fruit tea category.

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