Vegan Options

by Emily Rayan | Sep 02, 2022

I went vegan a few years back and all though I feel AMAZING, I still will crave a good hamburger and cheese. I made a list because I figured I wasn't the only vegan living in Nashville!

The Wild Cow

Pretty much anything you have been craving you can find an amazing alternative here!


I love their acai bowls. Very filling and a good portion for what you pay for!

Copper Branch

They have great whole food options and full vegan options! Everything is so fresh tasting every time I've gone.

Graze Nashville

Hands down one of the best vegan restaurants in town! It was on Diners, Drive ins and Dives last year! Such a creative combination of foods and flavors all vegan.

The BE-HIVE Deli & Market

This is one of my favorite go to places for lunch! So many great soups and sandwiches.

CoreLife Eatery

This is more of a whole food/vegan friendly option. I call it a vegan chipotle! It is great for a quick healthy lunch on the go.

The Southern V

If you are craving fried chicken and biscuits THIS is your place! All of your favorite guilty pleasure southern food is made here.

Sunflower Cafe

This is a staple in the vegan community in Nashville. It was one of the first(if not the first) full vegan restaurant in Nashville. It also has a great out door seating area that is amazing to sit on in fall or spring!


If your looking for an upscale vegan dining experience this is your place! They dim the lights for dinner and give the restaurant a romantic vibe that most vegan restaurants unfortunately lack. Try the Kimchi Spring rolls. Thank me later!


Another amazing vegan restaurant, their tater tots with their cheese sauce are to die for.

Sunflower Bakehouse

This place has all your favorite vegan baked goods, as well as some great GF options!

KOKOS Ice Cream Scoop Shop

Vegan ice cream! Need I say more! So yummy

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